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Clarify the gap between reality and goals - then work to fill it!
The person, the business, the marketing, the sales.
Integral Coaching

Evoking excellence in people is my passion. This is achieved by self-observation and capacity building through exercises which create self-correcting habits and support the individual’s strengths. This allows for  goals to be clearly envisioned  and aligned with the needs of the  individual and business.


Developed by Andrew Neitlich, this propriatary system has been proven to be extremely effective in clarifying where the business is, where it’s headed and develop the necessary steps to get there!


Clarify your ideal client, the story they need to hear, the benefits they’re looking for and why and how you provide the solution to their problem. Then deliver the message using the world renowned and proven methodologies created and refined by Jay Levinson to focus and maximize the growth of your business on the lowest possible budget.


Sales is a learned profession. Properly done, this process improves the customer experience and allows your business to stand out as a professional organization with high service standards. Understanding what drives sales is understanding why your business exists. With clearly defined goals, a solid marketing plan, the right tactics and training your sales team will be the fuel necessary for the successful transition of your business. Transitions Coaching provides facilitated Sales Training workshops and coaching to achieve this level of sales expertise.


Some things you should know about the founder.

Alvaro Peralta

Business Coach



Born in Peking, China in 1966 to Chilean parents, now father of two and happily married…

The little voice inside my head used to say “There’s got to be a better way! How did I end up here – AGAIN?”. The school of hard knocks for over 25 years in the restaurant industry gave me my Main Street MBA. I was doing things to suit society’s needs not mine.  I was reacting too often to the perspectives and opinions of others not concentrating enough on my immediate present situation and needs.

1999 was a particularly challenging year for me. I finalized my divorce, re-married, had a son on the way,  and my mother passed away after a four month battle with cancer. Necessity was certainly the mother of invention for me that year! In order to make it through I had to systemize my seven year old business so I could make the time and room needed to attend to my personal life. Hiring, inventory, sales and marketing systems were implemented mainly because I was back and forth from Vancouver to Ottawa to spend precious time with my dying mother. When I was in Vancouver I was too busy with my eight year old daughter, my wife and my brother to spend time running the pizzeria!

In 2004 an opportunity to expand my business presented itself. With a further tweaking of existing operating systems I was able to physically and mentally step out of my operations for a full year (and had record sales) and to concentrate on developing a new restaurant in the Lower Lonsdale area of North Vancouver, BC. It was a big, frighteningly exciting step to go from operating a small take-out pizzeria with fluorescent lighting to a 145 seat full-service Yaletown style restaurant, with 20 foot ceilings, chandeliers, full bar, original art and an open-kitchen. Well, in retrospect, it was a leap of faith really…and a whole bunch of hard work and sleepless nights! Luckily that year I enrolled at Integral Coaching Canada and found myself flying back and forth to Ottawa again as part of a distance learning program. The access to being coached and being immersed in the studies allowed for me to stay present and deal with my business challenges much better. I was hooked! 

“I get it! What’s your thoughts on that? That works. Isn’t this cool?”  

That’s what the little voice says now!  

I have learned that it is far more effective to work on the things within my control than to try and concentrate on those things which I have little or no control over. My choice of language is the most powerful tool I have control of. The words I use, whether in my head, written and/or spoken aloud, can and do have a massive impact not just on myself, but others as well.  We can affect CHANGE just with our words! Try and have a thought without words! It is through the use and interpretation of language that we share our experiences.

This is why I have chosen coaching as my vocation. It is my passion. I have experienced the clarity that the power of words can have. This clarity is emblazoned in my mind from the personal and business experiences I have lived. And I have a sincere and deep rooted passion to use language to effect deliberate, positive change. Coaching allows me to be  a trusted advisor, to bring clarity the language of numbers, contracts, visions and missions as they relate to my client. Reading a cash flow statement or employee or sales contract is much more powerful when it can be aligned to the wants and needs of the person it affects the most – you, the owner of the business.

I have the learnings and influence of master coaches such as James Flaherty, Pamela Pritchard and Andrew Neitlich to build my practice on. It’s a solid foundation and a journey worth taking. I hope to share words with you on the path.

Alvaro Peralta




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