Achieving extraordinary, “ reach -for- the- stars” goals for teams and individuals.


Transitions Coaching engages in focused conversation in order to allow the client to clarify and set extraordinary goals then develop the capacities to get there.


Evoking excellence in people is my passion. This is achieved by self-observation and capacity building through exercises which create self-correcting habits and support the individual’s strengths. This allows for  goals to be clearly envisioned  and aligned with the needs of the  individual and business.


Sales is a learned profession. Properly done, this process improves the customer experience and allows your business to stand out as a professional organization with high service standards. Understanding what drives sales is understanding why your business exists. With clearly defined goals, a solid marketing plan, the right tactics and training your sales team will be the fuel necessary for the successful transition of your business. Transitions Coaching provides facilitated Sales Training workshops and coaching to achieve this level of sales expertise.


Developed by Andrew Neitlich, this propriatary system has been proven to be extremely effective in clarifying where the business is, where it’s headed and develop the necessary steps to get there!

Control – The language of business is numbers. The first step is to create a dashboard that monitors the critical numbers of the business by studying break even, revenue, cash flow and profit models that reflect the reality of your business. Weather buying or selling these numbers will be your guide to success.

Aspire – what are the dreams and visions you have for your business that will keep you motivated and passionate during the transitions phase? Have they fizzled or gotten drowned out in the day to day operations of your business? Businesses that have energized staff and focused leadership with clearly defined goals are most likely to survive and thrive through the transition process.

Strategize – know your market, the benefit of your product and/or service and create a strategy that is in line with your vision and goals.

Tactics – Create measurable action items that will support the transformation of your business by increasing sales, lowering costs and improving efficincies.

Leverage – build and document the systems to allow your business to run efficiently with minimal input from you.

Evolution – Develop the capacity to stay relevant and at the top by continously evolving to meet the ever changing industry, labour and consumer needs.


Clarify your ideal client, the story they need to hear, the benefits they’re looking for and why and how you provide the solution to their problem. Then deliver the message using the world renowned and proven methodologies created and refined by Jay Levinson to focus and maximize the growth of your business on the lowest possible budget.