Alvaro Peralta
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I never liked New Year’s Resolutions! 
But now I make weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly resolutions – and I LOVE IT!
What changed? In 2012 I was introduced to Masterminding by a hiking buddy with whom I often discussed business challenges while enjoying the North Shore mountain trails. My hiking buddy eventually invited me to join a small, confidential group of focused, high achieving business owners who met regularly to brainstorm their business issues. I was blown away by their ability to discuss their core business issues openly, explore ideas, and create solutions for which they supported each other to stay accountable to. This was far better than the carrot and stick approach I was used to. I was hooked!
I quickly learned that the high level of achievement and focus for each business in this group was a direct result of the Mastermind meetings. ALL of the most pressing, critical and profitable business decisions were discussed in this room! And the solutions that we came up with were always mindblowing – yet doable!!! 
I would like to invite you to learn how to create and run your own Mastermind. See how this easy to use, simple tool can benefit you and your business so that you may experience amazing breakthroughs in 2014.
This is my gift to you in 2014. It’s absolutely FREE and if you accept it, it may be the most significant and positive change you and your business will go through this New Year and beyond.
There is a catch though! You must be able to:
  • respect confidentiality
  • check your ego at the door
  • share your knowledge, ideas and expertise
  • be open to introducing your challenges
  • be respectful in supporting your peers business challenges
If you’re not in or around North Vancouver, look for the next posting with a run down of what was discussed!
With best wishes for 2014,