Had a great time last week putting together the slide presentation for the Lunch & Learn at the Better Business Bureau in beautiful downtown Vancouver, BC. And I got to present with my good friend Barry Sharp of AMA Management. He specializes in business plans and has been working feverishly on Immigration Business Plans – so much so that he has become the leading go-to on this subject!

We had a full house to present to and the pleasure of being the first ones to test drive the webinar software that the BBB will be using moving forward. If you were one of the ones that attended the webinar we would LOVE your feedback. I know Barry and I were out of sight of the cameras more often than not but we hope you were able to hear us loud and clear and follow along with the slide presentation.

I’ll be posting small clips of some of the video from that presentation that lightly covered:

  • Process vs Event
  • Exit Options
  • Business Valuations
  • Staging Your Business
  • Brokering
  • Next Steps after Selling 

The purpose of the Lunch & Learn was to leave the attendees with the clear message that it is IMPERATIVE to plan the succession of your business regardless of the form of exit you choose.

As the audience was attentive, engaged and writing madly I will assume that some of the information we shared was of value;-)

If you were there we would love to hear your feedback and of course answer any follow up questions you may have.

As an information session I wasn’t able to really wear my coaching hat which is my passion. But it was energizing to open the door to further discussions – some of which began after the Q & A period at the end of the seminar.