Let’s cut to the chase…do you  really need a coach? Are you coachable? What’s the benefit? What’s it cost? How do you know it’s working?

Let me answer each of those with a question of my own:

Do I Need a Coach?

Want to go to the next level? Change directions? Be more fulfilled in the work you do? Would you like to reinvent the wheel to figuring it out on your own? Do you have peers, friends, staff and family that will give you (sometimes unsolicited) advice for which they are not accountable?  Or would you like to have a qualified coach in your corner who’s only purpose is to work with you to build the capacities to facilitate that change?

Am I Coachable?

The process requires rigorous work – on your behalf and mine – that will take us to places in which we may feel extremely uncomfortable and/or elated. So the question is: In  the process of building and operating your business when you have had these challenging times or been in the midst of change, have you reached out and sought support? And has that support been systemic and accountable? Coaching takes place in an environment of mutual trust and respect where both parties must have freedom of expression in order to do the work.

What’s the Benefit?

What is the benefit of the road you’re on now? You will develop new capacities to operate your business which will allow you to clarify and reach goals that are integral to your success not just once but on an ongoing basis being more aware of the process from YOUR perspective. 

What’s it Cost?

What will it cost if you do it alone? How much has it cost you to do it alone before? How long has it taken and how many costly decisions were made that might have been averted if your awareness and capacities had been what they are today?

How do I Know it’s Working?

Ever gotten a haircut people have noticed? Lost or put on weight? Been stressed out or over-the-top full of joy? Has anybody in your circles noticed? Have doors opened or closed because of the change? Coaching should give you a shift that is noticeable but not quite pin pointable. In other words it is unlikely that someone will come up and say WOW! Are you being coached? But you will get…”you seem relaxed”, “you’re so in control”, “you seem determined”, “aren’t you stressed given the changes you’re going through?”. Internally you will become more aware of yourself, see the change in communications and be more cognizant of the path you’re on as it unfolds before you. And you will have the ability to self correct and self regenerate in order to move forward on this path on your own.

Of course, if you’re selling or passing on your business in any way, the luxury of  ‘getting it wrong till you get it right’ doesn’t really exist . Unlike the  process during opening and operating your business there exists a certain finality to your actions and efforts.

Transitions Coaching specializes in Succession or Exit Strategy Coaching. In this niche market the necessity to ‘get it right’ is paramount as the end result will not allow you to try it again and again until you do get it right. The purpose of the work is to consciously go through the process to maximize not just the monetary return but as well walk away fulfilled and with the feeling of having done the process on your own terms.

Please add your comments, questions and experiences! I love the interaction;-)